Here is what we do in more detail:

We provide a wide variety of custom design services, including:

  • Cabinetry layout and design for kitchens, bathrooms and interiors

  • Cabinet installations by qualified professionals

  • Closet layout and design

  • Plumbing products and fixtures for the kitchen and bath


We offer a free one-hour consultation at your home or our showroom. We will take basic measurements of your space and develop a layout to help you establish a budget for the project. If your project requires a more creative approach or you want to explore design possibilities for your new kitchen or bath, we require a design retainer. Interior design service is available at an hourly rate.


Budget Friendly:
We understand that budgets and costs are extremely important to our clients. The investment of a kitchen remodel varies due to all the different components associated with it. Experts say that the cost of your new kitchen should be based on a percentage of the current value of your home. It helps you make the right decision for your space. You don’t want to over invest, but you don’t want to under-invest. You want to get the most bang for your investment.




The craft of cabinet installation should be left to the professionals who do this every day. Jim Regan enjoys his craft of cabinet installation and carpentry finish work for our kitchens. We are clean cut, neat, and treat your home like ours. We respect our client’s home by the care we take.


Countertop Supplier:

Wayside kitchens hires a reputable local supplier who fabricates the counter tops according to your design. Our fabricators complete our jobs with care, quality and deliver the counters in as little as a week.



Our kitchen and bath showroom handles most of our jobs. We can manage all of your light construction details, like replacing the kitchen floor, removing the old cabinets, replacing windows and doors, and changes to the electrical and plumbing. On more involved projects that include interior wall alterations and exterior additions, we work with area contractors and builders. In other instances, our clients wish to work with their own contractor and we are happy to work with them to provide the design, cabinetry and built-ins. We are available to meet with them to review the project details.


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