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Kitchen Expectations

What to expect when you are remodeling your kitchen

Welcome to the exciting and unpredictable world of construction and remodeling. Your beautiful new kitchen or bath is a few short months away. Here are a few tips and information to help you get through the process like a pro:

Design process:

“Don’t rush me”, this was the title to a popular 90s song, but it applies very much to the kitchen process. Don’t rush through any portions of your kitchen remodel. Take your time with your designer to layout the cabinets the way you want them and how you will use them. Sometimes, in order to improve the function of your new kitchen appliances and work areas may need to be rearranged. Take time to envision yourself using the new space. Communicate with your designer any concerns and work with him/her to come up with a solution. Your designer is there to help you. Don’t forget that your kitchen is your kitchen and the designer or your friends or family are not the ones using it. You are the one who will live with it.

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